11 Days


(pics from top carrot, tomato, radish, salad leaves)

It’s been 11 days now since I sowed the carrots, tomatoes, basil, strawberries and radish. Mostly its good news. The carrots are sprouting away like nobody’s business. I guess I am going to have to thin them out soon. I am interested to see that one seed does not equal one sprout. I think anyway. I sowed them fairly carefully, spaced as advised, and now there are lots of sprouts coming up close together. So maybe I don’t need to feel so guilty about throwing away healthy looking sprouts.

The tomato sprouts are getting bigger and stronger looking too. I have a guilty feeling inside about sowing tomatoes in this weather. Its only about 10-15C outside most days and it will probably get a bit colder before it gets warmer. I hope they are tough and they survive December and January. I’d feel awful if the cold killed them off. Even inside the temperatures are likely to drop. I’ll have to get baking more to warm up the flat!

No sign of the basil or strawberries. Maybe it is just too cold for them. The radishes are getting big. I am beginning to wonder if they are not planted deep enough or if they are stretching up to try to get more light. I believe that if they are not deep enough I can replant them but if they don’t have enough light I can’t do much. Hmm, or maybe I will look into some grow lights if there are many overcast days this winter. I think you can still buy those old fashioned fluorescent bulbs here, they are fairly warm.

Very excitingly, it is only 4 days since I sowed the salad leaves and there are tons of sprouts coming up already. If they all grow into edible heads we will have salad leaves coming out our ears!

I must say, so far I am very pleased with how easy this has been. I check the pots every day and give a couple of drops of water to the tomatoes now and again. But generally I am spending more time just watching them out of interest than actually putting much effort in!



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