Exciting News!


Amazing! After only 8 days we now have 3 tomato sprouts. I really didn’t think the tomatoes would survive the cold nights but they seem to be tough little guys. I don’t remember how many I put in the pot but I think it was only 4, so 3 sprouts is pretty impressive.

And not only that… we also seems to have 3 carrots sprouts as well. Although, considering how many carrots we planted in the two long troughs I am hoping these 3 are just the starters and there are plenty more to come. It seems they should germinate within 10 days if the soil temperature is ok for them. So I will be keeping an eye on them the next couple of days. I am beginning to feel a bit like a parent putting pressure on my little seedlings, standing over them and checking everyday to see if they have progressed! Ha ha. I hope they don’t rebel when they get to their vegetable ‘puberty’!




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