The First Garden Extension


Despite mixed results so far with the veg we are confident we can figure it out so we have decided to ‘plough on’ with our experiments for now. Today we bought some more containers, a couple of hanging baskets and a sack of compost. For now I have just filled a third trough, the same as the one the carrots are in, and sowed some mixed leaves in it. It seems that salad leaves are considered a good indoor plant so hopefully all goes well with them.
I also pushed a couple of cloves of garlic into the same troughs the carrots are in. it is easy to buy garlic here and its usually quite good but I just couldn’t resist. Plus garlic prices have just been at the highest recorded price in history (here in China anyway) and they are looking to increase again by next summer due to worldwide shortage (according to the Irish Times website).
Finally I decided to thin out the radish seedlings as there were twelve or more in the very small pot they came with. As far as I know when people recommend ‘thinking out’ vegetables the implication is that the seedlings should be thrown away, but I couldn’t do it. So I transplanted half of them into another tray. It is probably a bit shallow for them but it had soil in it so I thought I’d give it a go, it’s better than putting them in the bin.
The more pots we buy the more space I feel we have. It’s amazing how many things we might be able to get going in our little apartment on the 18th floor! But maybe I should be more patient for now because we haven’t harvested any actual vegetables yet!


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