We have a Garden!

We have a Garden!

We have been sloppy and not updated our new blog… already. Woops! But last weekend we created “the Garden”. First let me explain the situation;

What we don’t have; a garden/ balcony/ terrace/ roof access/ allotment/ any outdoor area to grow vegetables, hours and hours of time to spend tending our crops, any experience in vegetable growing.

What we do have; a 52.5sqm studio apartment in a built up area, a full height East facing window which gets lots of morning sunlight, determination and imagination!

We are living in Kunming, South China and a few things about the situation have led us to decide to try some indoor growing. Firstly, there are some things we cannot buy easily in the vegetable market here. Secondly, there seem to be food scares every few months in China. From dodgy baby formula to cancer villages in our province it can be difficult not to get a little bit worried about what we are putting in our bodies every day. Finally, I have always wanted a vegetable patch so I just want to give it a try!

So, back to “the Garden”. Without much planning -other than some quick measurements- we went to the flower and pet market to suss out pots and supplies. There we picked up some pots, compost, seeds and a trowel. We supplemented this compost with some, ahem, ‘borrowed’ soil from a public park not too far from our home. Then we mixed up the soil and compost and added it to all the pots.

Seeing as we had it all ready, and in spite of our ignorance about the whole thing, we decided we might as well get planting first and read the books after! So we planted two long trays of a short variety of carrot, a pot of tomato seeds, a pot of strawberry seeds, a tray of basil seeds and a radish ‘kit’ we found at the local supermarket. This particular combination of fruit and veg is more a product of what we had/ what was available at the market rather than a well planned selection of appropriate, container happy foods.

So now we have to wait and see if anything sprouts, in the meantime I have downloaded a couple of ebooks about container growing and I am going to start researching growing indoors specifically. Already I am beginning to think we will need to plan things carefully to make the most of our space. If it is going to take 2 months to get about 12 carrots it might not be worth it as they are taking up quite a lot of room right now. We only have about 500mm deep by 1.5-2m wide to work with, so if we want to have any way decent yields we will have to get clever about planting out from seedlings and companion crops.

I will be checking my new darlings every morning now until something happens…



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