First Sprouts =)


I woke up this morning and checked the veg as usual and amazingly, after only 4 days, we have sprouts! I am very excited about this. So it looks like there might actually be a radish crop on the horizon. I believe radish are notoriously easy to grow and supposedly require almost no care but I am still pleased as punch. This might be the first vegetable I ever grow and eat. Now I just have to do some research about how to eat them because I am actually not very familiar with radish.

The radish are from an off the shelf kit I found at the supermarket which was ridiculously easy to put together, despite being in Chinese. It is great to see them sprout but I hope some of the other veg come along as well, as we put a bit more effort into those ones. I am the first to admit that I am winging it with the indoor growing. But the weather is relatively mild despite it being November, and the veg are indoors so I am still hopeful to see something else poking through the soil soon.
With fingers crossed,


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