First problems


Only two days after our joy at the first sprouts peeping out we have a big problem; mould. This might even be a worst scenario situation. Nothing in any of the containers or pots has sprouted yet, which is probably ok seeing as it has only been 5 days or so, but now there is mould on the soil and I don’t think that is a good sign. I did some brief research to see how to deal with mould and I couldn’t find as much useful info as I had hoped. Unfortunately we don’t have any sort of garden centre we can pop into to purchase medicine for our plants, so I ended up resorting to just skimming the top layer of soil off and dumping it out. It is probably not the most scientific approach, but I reckon I probably caught it quite early so maybe it is just a surface issue. I have moved the containers around and made sure they got lots of sunlight today plus I have fanned them a couple of times to make sure they are getting enough air movement. But it seems the problem is more likely either the humidity in our apartment and/or water logged soil. Is it too late to drill some nice drainage holes?



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