Here is our Kefir, given to us by a friend here in China. He brought his initial batch with him from the USA when he moved to China and has been donating bits since living here to anyone interested. So there is a small community now using it.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with Kefir grains, although you can use the grains to make alternative drinks from non-dairy products. The Kefir grains basically look like a blob of congealed milky stuff (see picture). You leave this blob in a glass or jar of milk for 24 hours and from that you get a thin yoghurt drink. The blob grows in size and eventually you should break off some and start another batch, or preserve it in the fridge until you use it.

Anyway, we’ve only just started and are still in the first couple of weeks of making this. The blob has grown and soon I will break it in half and experiment with one half, starting with coconut milk.



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